Recruitment Process

The application and hiring process that you’ll experience will be dependent on the nature of the position. For most people, the process will include the following:

1 Application

We have specific criteria by which we assess your application. There may be additional role-specific questions or a short assessment, which you'll need to complete so we can consider your application.

2 Phone interview

If your application meets the criteria for the position, a recruiter may contact you for an initial telephone interview.

3 Formal Interview

This is your chance to speak with the hiring manager. Your interview could be one on one or in a group setting. We believe that past behaviour is a strong predictor of future performance and use behavioural event interviewing (BEI). You'll be asked to discuss your experiences so we can work out your competencies and how you might fit into the team and our culture. During the interview, you should talk about how you managed an event or situation and the outcome of your actions. You should draw on experiences from work, university or volunteering. The interview will give you an opportunity to share information with your potential leader. It is a chance for you to gather more information and help you decide whether or not the position is right for you.

4 Assessment

The testing methods we use vary and depend upon position requirements. Tests may be conducted online or face-to-face and may include cognitive, psychometric and/or competency testing.

5 Background checks

We’ll conduct work references with your most recent employers. During this step, you’ll be required to share with us a little more about yourself. We’ll also need to know about your criminal history and entitlement to work. Probity checking helps us ensure that you've got the right qualifications for the role, and identifies any possible issues that may prevent you from performing that role.

6 Offer

Our contract and onboarding process is completely online. You’ll receive a notification by email to advise you that your letter of offer is ready to be reviewed. As soon as you've read your letter of offer, you can accept your offer of employment online with a click of a button. Then you can spend some time checking out what you need to do for your first day and life at Suncorp. During the process we'll aim to keep you up to date on how your application is progressing. You can also keep track of your application through our candidate portal.