Customer Platforms

We are the team that delivers a seamless and consistent experience for our customers across any product, any brand and via any channel.

Stores And Branches

We are the physical shop front for our customers from across the Group. We create value for our customers and staff by having Connected Conversations and meeting their needs face to face directly or referring to our specialist lenders, financial planners, insurance specialists, and Business or Agricultural Bankers.

Contact Centres

We focus on creating a seamless customer experience across any product and any brand. We support niche customer segments, reach new customers, and deepen relationships with existing customers. A centre of excellence provides workforce planning, productivity and efficiency support and a team to deliver integrated processes, systems, tools and procedures across the function.


We support customers who value independent advice across a broad and diverse range of financial product and services. Our specialist teams build sustainable partnerships with brokers, advisers and partners, combining their market knowledge and understanding of individual intermediaries to provide valuable, relevant and sustainable products and services for our customers.


We are a distribution business, which provides advice and AAI Underwritten products to our customers via 750 authorised representatives, and an insurance broking business which facilitates broker access to a suite of products and services. Our Resilium's authorised representatives are supported by the sales and operations teams.

Platform Optimisation

We are responsible for operationalising our Customer Platform Strategy across the function, working closely with the Customer Experience team to translate major initiatives for implementation across each channel.

Customer Experience

We define the markets Suncorp will play in and design new propositions based on customer insight.

Customer Experience

In Customer Experience we drive better customer understanding using data-driven insights and the voice of our customers, define our customer strategy including where we play, oversees customer profitability and investment, and designs new and improved customer experiences.

Customer Propositions

We are responsible for designing and developing growth opportunities to build value for key segments. Working with cross functional teams from across Suncorp we create propositions to prototype, test, scale and embed through our Customer Platforms.

Brand and Marketing

We manage Suncorp’s brand portfolio and work closely with customer platforms to deliver revenue growth and improved customer value. We help to create experiences our customers want by building great brands, delivering targeted marketing and customer engagement programs, managing our sponsorships portfolio and leading social media strategy.

Strategic Innovation

In Strategic Innovation, we monitor strategic risk for Suncorp and manage a portfolio of strategic options through which it tests strategic arguments for change to help us adapt and grow. We undertake prototyping and incubating of new business models and partnerships for a platform business, with attention to resilience and competitiveness.

Banking and Wealth

We help millions of customers by providing them with solutions to help them grow their personal wealth. Our focus is to create compelling customer strategies, propositions and campaigns across any brand, any product and any interaction.

We are responsible for product development and pricing, finance and treasury, the provision of banking and wealth management services, delivery of the customer banking platform and Advanced Accreditation including execution of our risk framework.

Awards and Recognition

We are the first non-major bank to be awarded the coveted title since Money magazine first launched the awards in 2004.


We help millions of people reach their goals, build their wealth, protect what is special to them, maintain their health and provide for their future.

Insurance Claims

In our three claims areas, we aim to create seamless and efficient experiences for our customers across the claims lifecycle, working closely with partners and external parties to deliver specialised and personalised service for each of our customer segments.

Portfolio and Product

In our two portfolio and product areas, the goal is to extend and build product opportunities; focus on entering new markets; and provide an end-to-end complete offering to all customer segments and to the community.

Insurance Operations

We bring together common and core processes in an efficient way. Our goal is to also maximise our expertise in project and program management ensuring the delivery of major strategic projects, focusing on service delivery across the Insurance function.

Finance & Advice and Actuarial

Our Finance & Advice and Actuarial areas partner with the business and provide clear direction in decision making about their respective specialties; along with providing rigour around our capital management, reinsurance and financial modelling to set the Insurance function up for future success.

Suncorp New Zealand

We help millions of New Zealanders reach their goals, protect what is special to them and provide for their future. Our goal is to generate greater value for our customers while delivering growth and profitability.

Insurance New Zealand Careers Website

Our Customer Experience team is at the heart of our business and is focused on delivering end-to-end customer value across all current and future offerings. They work closely with our Portfolio and Product function, which brings together our core competencies of product development, pricing and underwriting for all general and life insurance products and services.

The Distribution function makes these products and services available to our customers via a cross portfolio and multi-channel model, to service our customers in a way that suits them best. Our customer experience is really put to the test at claim time, when our Claims function services policyholder claims on behalf of all NZ products and portfolios across general and life insurance.

Corporate Shared Services

People Experience

We identify the talent, capability and environmental needs to deliver Suncorp’s customer strategy and work together as one team to ensure we can deliver to those needs.

The must have experience of working at Suncorp includes everything and everyone that people who work with Suncorp come into contact with, such as our physical environment, the learning opportunities we offer, the capability and collaborative attitude of colleagues and partners, and the capability of leaders in leading strategy, operations and people.

We ensure Suncorp offers a must have experience for talent which in turn influences peoples motivation to go the extra mile to create value for our customers.

Risk and Legal Office

We support all functions across the Group by providing expert advice and capability across the Risk, Legal and Secretariat disciplines.
Our aim is to support the business in achieving success through improved risk maturity and smarter risk-taking, while also fostering a strong compliance and governance culture.
We are accountable for second and third-line of defence support, legal advisory, litigation and disputes, compliance, regulatory affairs and secretariat services.


We drive the financial outcomes for Suncorp, through the provision of specialist finance and advice services.In partnership with CFO teams in Banking & Wealth, Insurance Australia and Insurance New Zealand, we deliver expertise and insight for Suncorp’s functions, providing forward looking finance and advice that preserves and creates value.

Technology, Data and Labs

We lead Suncorp’s business intelligence and technology strategy – including all data and analytics, digital enablement, cloud and infrastructure and protective services. Digital, innovation and business agility are central to driving growth and successfully competing in an environment where we know technology is a key source of differentiation.


We lead the Suncorp’s technology infrastructure and applications, physical and cyber security, and the Agile and Lean centres of excellence. Our project delivery focuses on simplifying our systems, connecting our customers through digital and enabling product extensions.


We are responsible for enterprise and customer analytics and insurance product pricing while leading the Group’s Business Intelligence transformation, driving a shift to predictive data interpretation that delivering real insights for customers.


We are a discrete delivery engine that employs Lean Start-up and Human-Centred Design principles to test and build new customer propositions to drive innovation and support the future direction of the business

Awards and Recognition

We are the first non-major bank to be awarded the coveted title since Money magazine first launched the awards in 2004.

BillSplitter, our Bank’s first mobile app feature to be born from one of our innovations days, has taken out the Best Customer Experience category at the FST Media 2015 Tech & Innovation in Financial Services Awards